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How to Use These 7 Pixar Story Hacks On Your Screenplay

The word Pixar is fast becoming synonymous with great storytelling. Why? Because they have a set of rules, and they stick to them. Following these seven Pixar story hacks will guide your relatable protagonist though a clear story and help you write an amazing screenplay.

Interview: Wreck-It Ralph screenwriter Phil Johnston on working with Disney’s John Lasseter

John Lasseter is now the head of Disney Animation Studios, but he’s best known for molding the Northern California based animation studio, Pixar, into a household name that is synonymous with a kids’ brand of movies that adults can enjoy, too. Screenwriter Phil Johnston, one of two writers on the newest animation out of the Pixar/Disney ...

Interview: BRAVE’s Mark Andrews reveals the secret to writing a Pixar movie

Ever since the first Toy Story came out and brought us all to tears, screenwriters around the world have wondered what happens in the secretive Pixar writing room. ScreenwritingU brings you the inside story to what really happens behind closed doors when writers get to create a movie for Pixar with our one-on-one podcast interview with Brav...
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