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What is a set-piece?

So, the first thing I found out by researching set-pieces is that there’s not a long of agreement as to what they are exactly. My understanding has always been that a set-piece is a self-contained portion of your story which can stand on its own. That is certainly the dictionary definition. However, some sites are saying that a set-piece is an expensive sequence that is the dramatic or comic highpoint. That’s a definition I disagree with so what I’ll be discussing here is the first idea of a set-piece as a self-contained portion of your story.

In the Beginning… There Was the Joke

If you are writing comedy, or drama, and want to get a laugh, it’s tough to avoid jokes. There is both craft and talent involved in joke creation. To make this article more interesting, we sat down to write without a specific joke in mind. Instead, everything you read here was created without forethought using the steps we’ve described (This ...

Girls Trip writer Karen McCullah: “They brought me on to be outrageous”

Girls Trip writer says they brought me on to do outrageous R-comedy for women.

Our 5 favorite YouTube bits on comedy writing.

One of the best ways to hone your craft is to look at the work of experts. Here is a round up of our favorite YouTube bits on how to write standup, TV, films, sketch and everything in between.

HOW TO BE SINGLE screenwriter Dana Fox explains why rom-com is a dirty word

Powerhouse Hollywood comedy writer, Dana Fox, is sick and tired of hearing the word “rom-com” when it comes to describing her movies. She’s written What Happens in Vegas, Couples Retreat, The Wedding Date and the TV show Ben and Kate. ScreenwritingU Magazine sits down with the writer/producer to hear about her new film How to Be Single, ...

BREAK POINT writer Jeremy Sisto on writing a tennis comedy

"With all the effort it takes to get these things made, there are so many opportunities to stumble and lose track of the story that you want to tell,” says actor Jeremy Sisto of the screenwriting process. This is his first foray into writing for the big screen. “I marvel at the eloquence of it and the restraint that it takes to reveal ...

Writing partners John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein on VACATION

“Get in the car kids, or perhaps you don’t want to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth which is only four short hours away…” says Chevy Chase playing Clark W. Griswold in the classic 1983 romp-com National Lampoon’s Vacation. It’s 32 years later, and we’re finally getting another look at what is ...

Screenwriters Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel on THE D TRAIN

How far would you go to change the reputation you had in high school? That’s the premise of the new indie comedy The D Train starring Jack Black and James Marsden. Writing partners Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel (Yes Man) wrote and directed the film after years of writing studio films. “You have to accomplish things in those kinds of ...

Screenwriter Josh Cagan on THE DUFF

The indie sensation that has everyone talking is a new teen comedy about Duffs. What’s a Duff? Designated ugly fat friend. Wait, what? Yep. High school has term for everything nowadays. When Bianca, played by Mae Whitman of Parentood fame, finds out she’s the designated ugly fat friend in her circle at high school, her world starts to fall ...

Screenwriter Paul Shoulberg on WALTER

Screenwriter Paul Shoulberg started his writing career as a playwright. So, how did he go from writing plays in New York to living in the Midwest and writing a script about a man named Walter who is in charge of deciding who goes to heaven and hell? Shoulberg started with a monologue. Just a few words on a page from the mouth of one character ...

Screenwriter Kay Cannon on PITCH PERFECT 2

Kay Cannon got the idea for Pitch Perfect while working as a writer on 30 Rock. She says however that everyone she pitched it to turned her down. That is until she talked to actress and producer Elizabeth Banks. CUT TO: Cannon is now gearing up for the sequel to the immensely popular girl musical that even men can’t stop talking about. The ...

Writer/director Susanna Fogel on LIFE PARTNERS

“Romantic relationships come and go, but friends are supposed to be forever,” says writer/director Susanna Fogel of the premise for her new female buddy comedy, Life Partners. The quirky indie takes a look at two best friends who find their relationship challenged when one gets a serious boyfriend. How can these two friends accept the change ...
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