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Maureen Bharoocha flips the traditional ‘male gaze’ in her fresh, sexy new movie, ‘I Am Watching You’

In her second feature film for the Lifetime Movie Network, writer/director Maureen Bharoocha brings a truthful female perspective to the film I Am Watching You, co-written by Ellen Huggins. The thriller is about a young novelist, Nora (Madeline Zima), who begins harmlessly spying on her sexy neighbor, Lucas (Brian Ames). At first, Nora enjoys ...

Barbara Curry on THE BOY NEXT DOOR

Screenwriter Barbara Curry was working as a federal criminal prosecutor when a literally agent called and asked if she’d ever considered writing for Hollywood. At the time, she said she’d never given it much thought, but then… the idea started to sink in. Curry soon started writing feature spec scripts and eventually took classes at UCLA. ...

Screenwriter Richard Wenk talks working with Denzel Washington in THE EQUALIZER

“He’s probably the greatest American living actor,” says screenwriter Richard Wenk of Denzel Washington. “I’m a huge fan.” And who isn’t? Philadelphia, Flight, Training Day. The list goes on. So, when Wenk was offered a chance to write the feature adaptation of the 80’s TV show, The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington in mind for ...
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